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Debasis Das

A warm and hearty welcome to all the viewers of the website of Anubhuti International Residential School!

Children are born with extraordinary powers of imagination, intelligence, feeling, intuition, spirituality and physical and sensory awareness. The constructive and dynamic environment of Anubhuti, nurtures their potential.

Tomorrow’s world will be shaped by today's child. The future for education is not in standardizing but in customizing. It is proved in a laboratory study, people with high anxiety levels had difficulty in learning, especially in threatening situations. Anxiety has long been thought to interfere with learning.

Anubhuti provides a sensible environment to express emotions, creativity and aptitude of the students. We provide the opportunity to discover what they can do. We never aim too high for students because we don’t want to miss it, but we divide the big aim in chunks, and we reach it. Our learning environments are set up to promote students’ thoughts, discussions, questions, ideas, interest and creativity.

Anubhuti leads to fulfilment by oneself of the possibilities of one’s character or personality. We, in association with parents, explore the potential of the child. Parents are their first teachers, and they have a key role in shaping up their children’s character. A balance of education at home and school cultivates students' actual learning.

Our task is to educate our students’ whole being so they can face the future. When people are in their true nature, they connect with something fundamental to their sense of identity, purpose and well-being.

In Anubhuti, the role of an educator transcends the role of those who merely follow a specific lesson plan and work schedule. Because both students and educators spend as much time together, educators inadvertently become external parents in school and hostel. Our educators act as mentors to help set the child on the right path. In this role, the educator can encourage the students to be the best they can be, and be a source of inspiration to the students.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation for all of the hardworking and dedicated educators and staff serving the school.