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“Anubhuti’s mission is to create a learning environment conducive to
nurturing the learners and the educators to be creative, capable,
compassionate and equanimous citizens of character with global outlook.”

Anubhuti shall achieve this mission with a rational commitment to the time-tested, multifaceted

  • Indian Culture,
  • The Spirit of mutual dependence,
  • Enlightened Entrepreneurship and
  • Global Outlook,

leading them to be socially aligned, environmentally conscious and sensitive human beings.

Our Core Value System

  • Commitment to the composite, pluralistic, time-tested Indian cultural heritage.
  • Indian culture has evolved over the past several millennia. It embodies close family ties, peaceful societal coexistence and reverence towards all forms of life as well as the environment. It considers the relationship between individual life, social life and the surroundings as an integrated whole. Above all, it strongly advocates a deep regard and love for the sustenance and protection of the environment through conservation, austerity, non-accumulation and detachment at the individual as well as at the community level.

  • Commitment to the idea of interdependence
  • Anubhuti strives to engender the idea of interdependence rather than the idea of independence in its learners. It professes that if it is anyone’s right to be independent, it is also one’s duty to be interdependent.

  • Commitment to the idea of entrepreneurship
  • Anubhuti also hopes to sculpt people of action out of its learners. Not job seekers but job providers. We have tried to integrate it into our curriculum.

Statement of Purpose