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Factors that make it one of the best environments for your child's overall growth:

Creating a home away from home

The teaching staff at Anubhuti International Residential School are extremely friendly and approachable as they create an environment for the students where learning is stress free. The teaching faculty take on the role of parents to help students feel at home.

Prioritizes mental and physical health:

The management takes the health of its students extremely seriously. The school serves home-cooked vegetarian meals. In addition to sports, students are encouraged to pursue their hobbies and other recreational activities. The school maintains a punishment-free zone to help students let go of their fear of authority and take on leadership roles.

Provides International Exposure:

Students get to frequently interact with several foreign dignitaries and learn from their expertise and experiences. Additionally, the school also has exchange programmes where students from Israel, Nebraska (USA), and Japan come to Anubhuti to spend time. These exchange programmes help students get international exposure and enable them to become global citizens.

Internship and Entrepreneurship Programmes

One of the most important programmes the school has started this summer is the Internship Programme. In this Internship, students are exposed to all that happens in a big company, right from the time a customer places orders till the time the product is dispatched and accounted for. Students of Class 10, 11 and 12 were given this opportunity.
Yet another facility the school has introduced is the Entrepreneurship Course for Class 11 students. This is the initiative of the school exclusively, not a subject to be tested by the Council. It aims to give students the wherewithal of who an entrepreneur is and what one is up against in the world of business.

State-of-the-art infrastructure & Sporting facilities:

The infrastructure at Anubhuti School is unique and world class. The standard of residential living is exceptional with facilities like clean, spacious rooms, nutritious food, well-maintained lawns, excellent sports facilities, green environment, and uninterrupted power and water supply. The school lays strong emphasis on sports and offers excellent facilities for cricket, basketball, football, skating, volleyball, tennis as well as indoor games like badminton, chess and carrom.