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Shri M. Mahadevan, Kum. R. Vijayalakshmi and Shri Sundara Murthy of AMTI, Chennai held two Maths workshops. So did Dr. Shailesh Shirali, Chairman of our Governing Council extending invitation to teachers of Maths of other Jalgaon schools. Dr. Dilip Inamdar, Aditya Maji, Prof I. Shanmugha Das etc. were some others who came in on invitation.

Linocut Workshop:

In September 2012 a workshop was conducted on Linocut by Mr. Manik and Mr. Sujay from Vishwabharati.

“Mr. Manik and Mr. Sujay from Vishwabharati organized a week long hands–on workshop in Linocut printing. The Linocut Workshop required a lot of hard work but in the end the efforts paid off. In the beginning, the workshop looked very challenging as we had to draw the layout many times. However, we started enjoying as we started scooping out the Lino sheets with special tools. Though it was time–consuming, Tanmoy Sir, Manik Sir and Sujay Sir kept our enthusiasm alive with their encouraging remarks. There were times when we wanted to give up. With some additional effort and persistence we all were proud to see what we had created at the end of the workshop. The Chief Guest for the exhibition was Mr. Vikas Malhara, an eminent artist. He was greatly impressed by the work done by the students. It was great fun to be a part of the workshop. The time that we had spent on it was worth it and we all look forward to having such workshops in future.”

–Manasvi Patil, Class 10.

Film Workshop:

In January 2014 a workshop was conducted on film appreciation by film critic Prof I. Shanmugha Das.

“The world of movies is vast and equally intriguing. I had always thought I knew a lot about movies. But the seven days we spent with Prof I. Shanmugha Das proved to be an eye opener and  I realized how little I knew. Prof Shanmugha Das introduced us to many fascinating aspects of the world of movies which we had never come across before.

We were shown movies like ‘The Trip to the Moon’ (the first science–fiction movie), ‘The Jazz Singer’ (the first sound movie), ‘The Great Train Robbery’ (the first action movie), ‘Bhuvan Shome’ (Amitabh Bachchan’s first movie), and also a beautiful movie named ‘Hugo’ which had won five Oscars. This movie workshop has given invaluable knowledge and we are ever grateful to the school for it.”

–Rudraksha Sharma, Class 8

’Stress Management’ and ’Goal Setting’ Workshop

On 29th September 2012, Mrs. Pratima Hawaldar and Mr. Gautam Nabar from S.P Jain Institute of Management conducted a workshop on ’Stress Management’ and ’Goal Setting’ for the students of Class 11 and 12.

“We had an enriching experience of interacting with the faculty members, Mrs. Pratima Hawaldar and Mr. Gautam Nabar from the S.P Jain Institute of Management. They conducted some activities that taught us how to live the teenage phase effectively and also how to become influential ‘Teenagers’! We were asked to compare what we were ’then’– a decade ago– and what we are ’now’– today. We enjoyed playing the ’Save your balloon’ game and were surprised to discover so much about ourselves during the game! During the workshop, we also designed our ’visiting card’ that would look 10 years from now! Within three hours, they brought out the best of the innovative ideas and the best of poetic intelligence in us. We were all glued to our seats listening intently right through the workshop. We look forward to having such interactions in future where we get to learn as well as have fun!”

–Apurva Chikhale and Palash Agrawal Class 12


A hands–on workshop on clay modeling and terracotta was conducted by Mr. Ashish Majhi, an alumnus of Vishvabharti from 13th–16th February for students of class 8. During the workshop we learned many aspects about clay modeling.

“Initially I thought it would be easy to work with clay. During the workshop I found out that it was not as easy as I thought it to be. In order to create a model of clay one has to imagine and conceptualize before giving concrete shape to the idea. We learned that it is important to make the model look as natural as possible. I tried making a human figure that would stand upside down but it could not. Fortunately, Ashish Majhi Sir helped me in modeling one. I really enjoyed the workshop and it has been a wonderful experience for me.”

–Umesh agrawal, Class 8A


We arrange for extended sessions with experts invited to stay on campus as Scholars–in–Residence. Michel Danino, author–historian did three such sessions and also undertook a guided tour to DholaVira and Lothal. Ninad Bedekar held a two day for teachers as well as students workshop on Leadership Skills linking the same to Maratha history and Shivaji’s strategies.

Interns from abroad.


Melissa Valderrama from Cetys University. She taught Spanish at Anubhuti and also worked with Anubhuti–2.


We get young interns from Iceland every year who come and work with Anubhuti.

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