International Residential School
A unique school based on indian cultural heritage and a global vision
Anubhuti School, Jain Divine Park,
Shirsoli Road, Jalgaon–425 001
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Tel: 0257 226 4600, Email: info@anubhutischool.in

Arts, Crafts & Pottery

At Anubhuti, Arts and Crafts form part of the curriculum on par with other subjects. Timetable allots block periods for arts and crafts to ensure adequate time for related activities. Three art teachers from Vishva Bharati educate children in drawing, painting, pottery, batik etc. We also engage specialist teachers. We have acquired a kiln (furnace) for pottery. Workshops led by experts in different art forms are held every year; such as by Sharmila and Manoranjan Das in embroidery, Madhubani painting, wood craft, pottery, candle making etc. Renowned artists like Vasudeo Kamath and sculptors like ChandrajeetYadav held live demonstrations extending for many hours. Famous artists like Suhas Bahulkar and Omura interacted with the children. Students put up impressive exhibitions of their work as part of celebrations. At the Art Mela all the artifacts are sold out.

Indeed, the Anubhuti campus by itself is an open air multimedia/ botanical sculpture museum. The numerous artifacts enhance the ambience and embody the core values Anubhuti swears by. The animal sculptures are not merely objects for display; they also connote majesty, power, alertness, speed, concentration, balance, harmony, team spirit etc.

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