International Residential School
A unique school based on indian cultural heritage and a global vision
Anubhuti School, Jain Divine Park,
Shirsoli Road, Jalgaon–425 001
Mob: +91 94 2277 6798, +91 94 2140 2852
Tel: 0257 226 4600, Email: info@anubhutischool.in


We truly believe that education at Anubhuti is a multi-pronged approach to prepare our children for life. We believe that Indian culture, tradition and values are what eventually sustain the quality of lives we lead and aim at the holistic growth of everyone involved, in terms of physical, intellectual as well as socio-spiritual levels.

It is by weaving all these threads together finely that the fabric of the enlightened individual can be created. This forms the essence of our Statement of Purpose which encompasses all the above, through three looms- Indian Culture, Mutual Interdependence and Enlightened Entrepreneurship. These are part of our value system which form the yarn of life. We believe that seeing is knowing, doing is learning. Experiential learning being the mainstay of the education processes at Anubhuti, it becomes imperative on our part to make them practicable through small work modules which are what our Activity Time is all about. Myriad activities that include a blend of Multiple Thinking Skills are done in an effort to achieve the same. Some of them are mentioned below.

Reading and Storytelling from various sources like Reader’s Digest, Sudha Murthy’s books, Shri Bade Bhau’s books such as The Enlightened Entrepreneur, Panchatantra and many others, Skits on various themes, Extempore sessions, Debates, Speeches, Presentation on various articles including Current Affairs, Discussion on various social and life skills related topics, Poem Recitation, Singing, Motivational audiovisuals, Sessions on creative thinking skills, Audiovisuals from Discovery, National Geographic, BBC, Biographies, Science projects and experiments, Creative writing on various topics, Games related to multiple thinking skills, Origami and Craft work; flowers; toys and other creative products, Artwork, and many others.

Thus Anubhuti spins the unique wheel of sustainable holistic education through character building and practical and practicable learning.

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